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Inventory Management

Eliminate Paperwork, Reduce Delivery Time & Cost, and Optimize dispatches & routes

Warehouse Operations

Mendix low-code offers warehouse managers the ability to create custom...

Performance Analytics

Use the Low Code Apps to update your legacy systems and digitize workflows.


Clear the path to operational efficiency

A disjointed supply chain running on multiple outdated systems that don’t speak to each other hampers source and finished goods inventory control, visibility, and timely deliveries to your customers.

Operational efficiency starts with digitizing analog processes, unifying in congruent legacy systems, and aggregating your data, all of which can be done with low-code applications.

Eliminate Paperwork

Logistics mobile apps provide instant access to a company's database with freight accompanying documents, avoiding inconvenient paper order forms and service orders.  

Reduce delivery time and costs

With fleet management mobile solutions, you can schedule freight delivery, predict fuel expenses, and reduce empty miles. 

Optimize dispatches and routes

Mobile solutions for warehouse management with built-in databases and barcode scanning features improve freight dispatching.

Provide control over vehicle tracking

Achieve more coordinated shipment and accurately predict the vehicle's dispatch time by an integrated GPS tracking feature to a driver's logistics app.

Bonjoy's Logistics

How Bonjoy’s solutions for Logistics enable carriers
to digitize hurdles to make way for innovation.


Inventory Management and Tracking

Warehousing operations rely heavily on effective inventory management to ensure optimal stock levels and timely order fulfillment. Mendix low-code provides an excellent solution for developing tailored inventory management systems. With easy-to-use interfaces, warehouse staff can track incoming and outgoing stock, update inventory levels in real-time, and manage reorder points seamlessly. The integration of barcode scanning or RFID technology with Mendix applications streamlines the tracking process, reducing manual errors and enhancing overall inventory accuracy. Moreover, the flexibility of Mendix enables the addition of features like automated stock alerts, ensuring that warehouses maintain sufficient stock levels to meet customer demands efficiently.


Warehouse Operations and Workflow Optimization

Mendix low-code offers warehouse managers the ability to create custom applications to optimize various warehouse operations and workflows. These applications can range from task assignment and tracking, picking and packing processes, to automating shipping and logistics procedures. By automating these processes, warehouse staff can work more efficiently, reducing processing time and minimizing the risk of human errors. The Mendix platform’s agility allows for quick iterations and continuous improvement, enabling warehouses to adapt rapidly to changing operational needs and market demands.


Performance Analytics and Reporting

Mendix low-code empowers warehouse managers to develop analytical tools and reporting dashboards that provide valuable insights into warehouse performance. By consolidating data from various sources, such as inventory levels, order processing times, and employee productivity, warehouse managers can make data-driven decisions to optimize resource allocation and warehouse layout. Mendix’s user-friendly interface enables easy data visualization, making it simpler for stakeholders to grasp key performance metrics at a glance. With this information, warehouses can identify bottlenecks in the workflow, implement process improvements, and increase overall operational efficiency.


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