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The insurance industry is at a digital crossroads. New competition from insurtech and big tech is affecting the insurance landscape. Customers and policyholders expect insurers to deliver flawless user experiences and will go elsewhere if they don’t get them. There is pressure to grow market share while decreasing the costs of underwriting and claims handling. These challenges, coupled with the need to modernize legacy IT systems, are having a significant impact on staying competitive.

The need to accelerate digital business transformation comes at a time when the digital maturity of insurance is below that of other industries. In 2018, Gartner stated, “The majority of the insurance industry is either early-stage digital or digital fast-followers that take a more moderate approach to digital transformation.”

Optimization Is Not Transformation

Many Insurance carriers are still in the digital optimization phase. That is, they mostly stay in their traditional lines of business and use the same sales channels. When they optimize, the focus is on internal processes and the digitization of some policyholder interactions along the way. This approach certainly holds carriers back from capturing new market share. And, it jeopardizes their place in the industry as policyholders choose to do business with more engaging non-traditional vendors to attain that end- to-end flawless user experience. Innovation Hasn’t Always Been Easy For Insurance Many factors have impacted the inability of insurance carriers to change:

• Legacy systems with an average age of 10 years affect agility.
• A highly regulated industry slows down the pace of change.
• Carriers have not been able to adapt quickly to user demands.
• Multiple duplications of systems and inefficient methods for handling claims and underwriting affect response times.


How Bonjoy solutions for insurance enable carriers
to break through their core challenges.

Rapid Development with Insurance Templates

Our team assists with rapidly building next- generation agent portals, customer experience applications, and underwriting and claims solutions 10 times faster than with traditional development methods. Consider the possibilities. You can provide your customers with a full omnichannel experience across all devices. You can knock down silos, orchestrating all distributed systems into a single viewpoint to attain the holy grail—a 360-degree view of your customer. And, you can plug into the entire connected insurance ecosystem outside of your own organization. All at the accelerated speed needed to beat insurtech and big tech competitors.

Increase Policy Profitability

How is your insurance company handling the pressure to find new customers or create innovative products and services to offset the high costs of natural disasters and underwhelming financial performance? Many insurers are now forced to rethink their business models and how they can lead with a digital- first strategy to drive new areas of growth and improve overall profitability.

Bonjoy provides a suite of insurance templates, allowing your enterprise to rapidly deliver next-generation digital engagement solutions across mobile, web and your call center to your agents, brokers, and customers. Engage customers on their own terms at the right time and in the right place to vastly increase your ability to up-sell and cross-sell, as well as deliver a seamless user experience. Along with creating new sources of revenue and increasing average policies per customer, these innovations can dramatically improve agent share of wallet and customer satisfaction scores.

Respond to State and Federal Regulations

Many insurance carriers operate in multiple states or even in multiple countries. Adjusting your policies and procedures to adhere quickly to new state or federal regulations is critical to achieving compliance.

Bonjoy will help you to customize your workflows, business rules, and application UI in a matter of hours—not months—allowing you to become compliant with state and federal regulations overnight. With our insurance templates, you can configure additional security, risk management, and monitoring in place to meet IT compliance standards. A highly flexible and scalable platform approach to software development enables our solution to grow and change with your business so you can focus more on the ever-changing needs of your customers and less on regulatory updates.

Decrease the Cost of Underwriting and Claims

With increased pressure to reduce costs stemming from slowed revenue growth, streamlined operations are a must. According to Forrester, reducing operating costs is a top priority for 40% of insurers. One contributing factor to high back-office costs is that many organizations still rely on manual tasks and resource-intensive processes to transact business or service their customers and agents.

Bonjoy gives you the tools for digitizing and optimizing operations. By connecting disparate systems of data, applying data standards, and automating manual processes, you can speed up processing times, thereby reducing support costs. Using our industry templates, your organization can rapidly build its way to a “zero-touch” state for quoting, underwriting, policy issuance, billing, claim submission, and more. Such process efficiency helps drive revenue because your teams can get more work done faster.

Reduce Your Legacy IT Debt

According to Gartner’s 2017 insurance CIO survey, 66 percent of IT budgets are spent just keeping the lights on. It’s no secret that legacy environments are costlier to maintain and operate than modern systems. But, for many, migration or updating them seems out of reach. Decades of legacy system accumulation has created a tangled web of interdependencies that can make data standardization and migration difficult, labor-intensive, and expensive.

Bonjoy offers you a simpler way. With our full-stack visual development tools, your teams can redesign and modernize 10 times faster than with traditional development methods. To reduce the risk of failure, migration can be done in phases and at your own pace, using a modular approach. A second path to modernization is using our solutions as a digital front-end wrapper to existing legacy systems. With an open API framework, your IT organization can consolidate multiple core systems and data sources, improving data transparency and allowing employees to respond more quickly to customer needs.

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