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Team Field utilization

The Team Utilization Application developed by Bonjoy simplifies and optimizes workforce planning and scheduling for oil and gas field operations teams. By providing real-time visibility of employee locations, skills and availability, it allows organizations to maximize asset and employee utilization.

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Increased Operational Efficiency

The Team Utilization delivers significant improvements in operational efficiency. Real-time visibility into crew schedules, locations and skills enables dynamic matchmaking of field tasks to the optimal available crew. Automated recommendations minimize non-productive time spent traveling between sites. Integration with maintenance management systems ensures field crews have all required tools and materials on hand, reducing delays.


Optimize Well Management

Data analytics and reporting in the Team Utilization App enhances managerial decision making. Key performance metrics provide insight into areas such as individual/crew productivity, first-time fix rates, types of jobs performed per location. Managers can identify bottlenecks, skill gaps and under-utilized assets through detailed analytics. The app also monitors adherence to SLA through automated tracking of job status. Data-backed decisions and monitoring capabilities help reduce unplanned downtime of assets through proactive issue resolution and quality control of field operations. 

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