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Bonjoy has developed a suite of Calculator applications specifically tailored for the oil and gas industry. These calculators provide instant solutions to common well design calculations, helping engineers optimize well performance and avoid issues.

Bonjoy's Oil & Gas

How Bonjoy’s solutions for oil & gas provides operators 
an efficient, feature rich design and analytical applications.


Production Optimization Calculators

The Bonjoy Calculator Suite is a set of advanced calculation applications developed to help engineers optimize well design and performance. Comprised of over 12 individual calculator tools, the suite covers a wide range of analyses related to well flow assurance, production handling, artificial lift, and downhole pressure modeling. 


‘What If’ Scenario Planners

The calculators provide fast, accurate solutions to complex well design calculations and “what-if” scenario modeling. Engineers can evaluate multiple options in real-time to identify the best approach across a range of conditions. The intuitive interface allows for effective use both in the office and on location. Rather than wasting hours on manual calculations that risk human error, the Bonjoy Calculator Suite automates the process for a more reliable workflow.

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