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Are you fascinated by new technical innovations like Big Data, IoT and Rapid Application Development? Come join us

We are looking for Low Code Developers

Would you like to work on innovative software solutions to help our clients solve the problems they’ve been dealing with? Would you like to work in a young but experienced team of entrepreneurs and challenge the status quo? This might be the job for you!

We use an application development platform (aPaaS) to design, implement and roll out intelligent, innovative desktop/tablet/mobile solutions. We often combine our tools with a range of innovative technologies like IoT and Blockchain. 

As a developer, you know your way around the tools of the trade, especially Rapid Application Development methods. 

You’re able to build beautiful, user friendly and flexible apps that augment our clients’ business, enhance their processes and help them stay ahead of competition.

As part of our Rapid Application Development team, you know how to communicate well with clients, eliciting their wishes and requirements, and develop apps in small, multidisciplinary teams. Create innovative apps around context-driven data, use the platform to analyze and predict collections of (un)structured data and apply machine learning mechanisms to create really innovative apps.

What we are looking for

You love to develop creative, innovative apps. You are a creative thinker and like to create beautiful applications that make the world run better.

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