Logistics Transformation Solutions For Your Company


Eliminate Paperwork, Reduce Delivery Time & Cost, and Optimize dispatches & routes

Legacy Systems

Use the Low Code Apps to update your legacy systems and digitize workflows.


Clear the path to operational efficiency

A disjointed supply chain running on multiple outdated systems that don’t speak to each other hampers source and finished goods inventory control, visibility, and timely deliveries to your customers.

Operational efficiency starts with digitizing analog processes, unifying in congruent legacy systems, and aggregating your data, all of which can be done with low-code applications.

Eliminate Paperwork

Logistics mobile apps provide instant access to a company's database with freight accompanying documents, avoiding inconvenient paper order forms and service orders.  

Reduce delivery time and costs

With fleet management mobile solutions, you can schedule freight delivery, predict fuel expenses, and reduce empty miles. 

Optimize dispatches and routes

Mobile solutions for warehouse management with built-in databases and barcode scanning features improve freight dispatching.

Provide control over vehicle tracking

Achieve more coordinated shipment and accurately predict the vehicle's dispatch time by an integrated GPS tracking feature to a driver's logistics app.

Bonjoy's Logistics

How Bonjoy’s solutions for Logistics enable carriers
to digitize hurdles to make way for innovation.


Make it easy, simple, and quick

The modern customer wants functionality that fits in the palm of their hands. Once your data is aggregated and your core systems are running smoothly you can create customer-facing applications that keep them engaged with your product and loyal to your company.

Bonjoy’s team developed self-service mobile apps that allowed customers to track & trace lost properties with their own management report services based on their location.



Increase efficiency and reduce errors

Manual processes that function using locally-stored databases might still get the job done for prepping shipments or stock allocation, but “good enough” doesn’t make the grade in an industry evolving towards Intelligent Automation. Digitize workflows from sourcing to consumer delivery to create a streamlined supply chain and drive operational efficiency.


Leverage Legacy Systems

With Mendix Low Code technology you can create, and update, custom apps that meet the evolving needs of your consumer. Use the platform to update your legacy systems and digitize workflows.

Create bespoke applications and workflows that combine data from disparate core systems like Salesforce CRM, SAP ERP, IBM, Oracle, and many more. A unified system is faster and easier to use and it makes consistent data-driven decisions possible.